27 July 2010

Link Roundup

I thought today, as this is the first roundup of links and such, I'd just give a few road signs to places on the internet that I visit daily. Next week I'll start by linking to specific stories, pieces, trailers, etc. Some of the following links are already linked to on the side, but I thought I'd give them all a proper plug.

Dark Horizons- Updated most weekdays with the latest news, rumors, etc. Despite its sometimes focus on science fiction and fantasy genres, it does a good job of covering all the latest news. Plus it links to most all of the latest trailers to be released.

Awards Daily- If you want the latest Oscar news and a good place to join in discussions on upcoming movies with awards potential, this is the place. Things really heat up in the fall and when it gets closer to the show itself. You can also follow the editor, Sasha Stone, on Twitter: @AwardsDaily

Film Experience Blog- online journalist Nathaniel Rogers runs this blog which has a greater personal feel to it than the previous sites. I would be lying if I didn't say some of the things I'll be doing on here weren't inspired by his work. He's also on twitter: @nathanielr

Neal Reviews- Good friend of mine Neal Tucker reviews many things, and his film reviews are very insightful.

The Auteurs, or MUBI- It was once called The Auteurs and now it seems they're trying to switch the name to MUBI, though I'm not sure why. It's a social networking site, a la Facebook, for serious movie buffs. I'm a member. Shouldn't you be?

Those are the places I go the most often. Now a couple of things you should see:

Seriously, how fantastic is this trailer? When I first heard about the movie, I was skeptical, but the more I see the preview, the more excited I get. Hopefully the movie will live up to it.
The Social Network:

This movie, Howl is based on the publication of the titular poem by Allen Ginsburg. Looks promising, great cast. And of course, since it's set in mid-20th century America, it has Jon Hamm.

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