24 July 2010

The blog returns...really. I mean it this time.

Some of the posts on the main page are a year old. I regret that. The past year has been probably the busiest ever. I took a lot of classes, directed two shows, and generally ran around like crazy. That, combined with the general lackluster nature of this year in film, has not exactly inspired me to write much. In general, my movie-watching habits have suffered. I do not watch as many older films as I used to. But I miss that, and I miss studying the films I watch and writing about them. So in order to be more regular with the blog, I'm establishing a schedule that I'm going to try to keep up with. It will be as follows:

Sundays: Review of a new or recent theatrical release
Mondays: Thoughts on a favorite scene in a great movie
Tuesdays: A roundup of links and pieces online that I recommend reading
Wednesdays: Some thoughts on a certain actor, writer, director, etc.
Thursdays: Wild Card!
Fridays: A fun list to generate thought and discussion
Saturdays: A review of an older or classic film

I am fully aware that I have lost any and all readers that I had. Hopefully people will be drawn to the blog again over time. However, at the end of the day, this is for me, not anyone else. That being said, if you do read the blog, comment often! This will help me stay motivated to continue this. I want this to be a forum for discussing movies, not just me talking about them at length. Let's have fun.

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